Knowledge and Networking

E-Virus 2019 Marketing Conference

September 19, 2019 Holiday Inn Vilnius

E-Virus 2019 is the 13th annual conference on the hottest issues in marketing, branding and public relations. The main topic of the conference is data-based marketing.

 The conference topics include:

  • What data should be used to create marketing content?
  • How to use Google's data to improve marketing?
  • How to plan and implement data-based marketing effectively?
  • Why can Facebook advertising improve both everyday communication and your website?
  • How do Lithuanian companies apply analytics-based marketing and marketing automation?
  • How should B2B marketing be based on numbers?
  • What communication is effective and what underlying tools are valuable to brands?

Conference speakers come from Lithuania and the UK.

The event is designed for marketing and PR professionals to share best practice and expertise.